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ION O&M Services

Empowering Charging Station Owners
ION Management Services provide end-to-end solutions for charging station owners, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency. From supplying and installing locally manufactured EV chargers to integrating cloud management systems with third-party chargers, ION Management Services offer a comprehensive suite of offerings. Transform dummy chargers into smart ones, streamline payments with a hassle-free collection system, and enhance visibility through advertising on our charger screens. With ION Management Services, we empower charging station owners to optimize their infrastructure and provide top-notch services to EV users.


ION Payments

Easy and Secure

Balance & Transaction Management:
Track your balance, review your transaction history, and stay in control of your charging expenses. The app provides a transparent overview of your charging sessions, putting financial insights at your fingertips.
Cashless Convenience:
Say goodbye to cash and cards. With the ION App, you can effortlessly fill your balance within the app, ensuring a seamless and cashless charging experience. 


ION ADS Platform

Unlock the power of brand exposure with ION Ad Platform, ION’s smart advertising platform seamlessly integrated into our charging stations. 
Maximize your impact in the evolving landscape of EV charging by partnering with ION Ads Platform. Elevate your brand with dynamic advertising that captivates audiences and transforms charging stations into powerful platforms for brand exposure.


Established in 2019 in Jordan as a private owned LLC, started from a home garage to become the leading company in the region.

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