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ION Pro EV charger


Redefining Charging Excellence
Introducing ION Pro, a pinnacle in electric vehicle (EV) charging. This cutting-edge solution, equipped with three charging plugs usable at the same time and Ads LCD screen, embodies innovation and reliability. ION Pro ensures efficient and user-friendly charging experiences, making it a flagship product for EV owners and operators alike. With local manufacturing advantages, the ION Pro stands as a symbol of faster delivery, economic efficiency, and a hassle-free approach to charging. Charge forward into the future with ION Pro, where excellence meets electric mobility. 

ION Prime EV Charger

ION Prime

Elevating Charging Excellence
Meet ION Prime, a symbol of excellence in electric vehicle (EV) charging. This flagship product is designed for optimal performance and user convenience, representing the forefront of charging technology. With advanced features and a sleek design, ION Prime delivers a high-quality charging solution for EV owners and operators. Join the charge towards a sustainable future with ION Prime, where cutting-edge technology meets reliability, setting new standards in EV charging excellence. 


High quality and elegant design, up to 22KW

Local manufacturing advantage (availability of parts & fast maintenance).

Compatible with all electric vehicles.

Future-Ready Fast Charging (Upcoming in Mid-2024)


Established in 2019 in Jordan as a private owned LLC, started from a home garage to become the leading company in the region.

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